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  #663300 / RGB = 102 - 51 - 0  

suggested name: "your hair"    [663300

your hair so soft so sweet smelling, why did u take it away from me

submitted 20060320205117 by jenn

Aye Que Mierda

submitted 20051012182737

Eek, eek.

submitted 20040403232949


submitted 20030426154013
suggested name: "broken"    [663300

the color of my wounded soul - my baby left me.

submitted 20020828031656
suggested name: "rhymes with hit"    [663300

it's definitely not chocolate..

submitted 20011021210808

Wild Oats

submitted 20011020111333
suggested name: "Mr. Happy"    [663300

you are the color of the poop on south park...yes, the dancing, mark making little piece of shit

submitted 20011017023420

the pessimist thinks: eww...shit
the optimist thinks: mmm...chocolate

submitted 20011015112120
suggested name: "chocolate "    [663300

This is definately the color of rich luscious chocolate melting on a long stemmed strawberry

submitted 20010813044332
suggested name: "Bajsbrun"    [663300

Shitbrown or bajsbrun in Swedish

submitted 20010623164136
suggested name: "brown"    [663300

extremely disgusting.

submitted 20010508062640
suggested name: "DOOK"    [663300

i am DOOK, i smell like DOOK, yes i AM

submitted 20001125230456 by DOOK   [email]
suggested name: "'Curtis'"    [663300

My love....
the color of your skin...
miss you....
lost in your color...
my love.

submitted 20000212233105 by Jen   [email]
suggested name: "doo doo brown"    [663300

i am shit

submitted 19991231181758
suggested name: "New Shoes"    [663300

First day of school, new brown, leather shoes with no scuff marks. We were very careful. Now I buy my children sneakers.

submitted 19990903234944
suggested name: "Manny"    [663300

This is the color of his hair, i miss the way he held me, and told me that he will be there for me.i miss how i ran my fingers threw his beautiful hair. i miss everything bout manny. he is my love, my life , my peace.

submitted 19990826010555 by jenny
suggested name: "Compost"    [663300

There is a story here in the gathering of these elements: their steaming heat and crumbling of forms into homes for earthworms

submitted 19990819032351   [email]
suggested name: "demon"    [663300

you not only destroyed me but you tortured my soul and the worst part is that I still love you

submitted 19990806193046 by Katie
suggested name: "Dec ieving brown"    [663300

It fools me, I first look and I see a deep red wine, but I look again, and it is a rich brown suitable for PRIMUS.

submitted 19990629142010 by Chris   [email]   [homepage]
suggested name: "rich brown canvas"    [663300


submitted 19990514201901
suggested name: "mickey mousse"    [663300

chocolate and fluffy
yummy yummy yum

submitted 19990427184609 by ReTroGrrl   [email]