by Swee' Pea

If I told you, "I love you"..
Would you turn away?
Can we really have said..
All there is to say?

I look to the stars..
For the answers I seek..
They offer no comfort..
For they cannot speak..

Speak of the love..
I hold so dear..
In my heart..
Always near..

I walk the streets at night..
Wondering what I'll see..
All I ever see, is the empty space..
Where you once walked with me..

Time's gone by..
And nothing seems to change..
In the night..
I hear you call my name..

The air is so much colder now..
I try to "get over"..
But I just don't know how..
As the night grows even colder..

"You're better off, without me around"..
I remind myself..
As my tears hit the ground..

I journey up the path..
When I return, from my walk..
Sit on the stoop..
Where we used to talk..

I crush out my cigarette..
And open the door..
I can't help, but look to wave..
As I once did before..

You're not there..
..But maybe someday..
I close the door and wonder..
"Maybe we haven't said, all there is to say"..

Copyright 1995 © Swee' Pea. All Rights Reserved.
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by Swee' Pea

She waits in silence..
A few hours of play..
..Of forgetting..

Her friends will arrive soon..
How she looks forward to her time with them..
No longer alone..they'll be here soon..

Like leery children..
They slowly come into view..
Knowing they cannot stay long..

Standing in anticipation..
She quickly invites them in..
For their nightly celebration..

They dance and play..
Unaware of time..
Lost in the innocence..

She tells them of her days events..
Confiding in them her innermost secrets..
Their company she trusts..

She can be herself around them..
No need for dress up..
..Or make believe..

There's no pressure from them..
They never come to judge..
Merely to play..

A celebration of life gone by..
When things were less complicated..
And the answers came easy..

Just their presence is enough to comfort her..
Their playful manner eases the fears..
And wipes away her tears..

Sometimes hours pass in silence..
There's no need for words..
Expressions say it all..

Always being careful to keep it low..
Their meetings must be kept secret..
For fear that if they're caught..
They can never play again..

A sadness falls..
An unspoken end has come..
As quickly as it came..
The games are over..

As daylight breaks..
They run away..
Playtime is over..

Only hopes remain..
They'll return..
At next nightfall..

Copyright 1996 © Swee' Pea. All Rights Reserved.
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